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Testimonials | Siteshelter®





We put all three shelters up in one day. The quality of the shelters is exactly what you said they’d be. I’d definitely recommend Siteshelter® to anyone. Good quality & at a good price. 

Mark Davidson, Transcity JV



Siteshelter® is fantastic. Shelter will serve all the purposes we need it for. I was very impressed with the installation. It’s very great quality. We will definitely be using Siteshelter ® again for our dome shelter needs in the future.

Michael Spano, Visionstream


The Siteshelter® we purchased is a very nice product, It's (Siteshelter®) easy to install and looks great. Thanks!

Mark, CSR Lightweight Systems



I have being buying from Siteshelter® for a number of years now.Siteshelter® is our preferred supplier, We have many of their container shelter structures around Australia.  Both for rent and and for outright purchase. 

Tony, Giovenco Industries



Siteshelter® Container Shelter has been the best investment in over 10 years. Happy to say best 'bang for my bucks' in a long time.

Lee, IKEA Adelaide




I am writing to  let you know how your site shelter survived the horrendous storms we had on the 4-5 June 2016.

Being on a exposed coastal headland at Kiama I expected the worst...It’s well documented the 130kph winds and 180mm of rain we had over the 2 days but I was particularly pleased my site shelter held together so well.

The fact the wind picked up the site shelter (welded to 2 x containers ) and shifted it 2 metres to the south of its original position without ripping or damaging the  fabric or even breaking a strap or arch bar was the impressive bit. We couldn’t believe the site shelter held its shape through the move.

The wind forces to move the containers must have been amazing yet your gear is not only still Ok but after we dismantled the site shelter and craned the containers back to their position we could reinstall the bars and fabrics as if it was new.

Simply unbelievable, I have never appreciated such a well-engineered product so much.

This is the best example of how that little bit  extra cost for a quality product pays off, big time. 

Andrew Tatrai, ACE Security