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Ground Protection

Siteshelter® Ground Protection Bog Mats offer protection and access year round - giving you the assurance that your people, equipment and materials are working well in all conditions.


The Siteshelter® team are committed to making each and every project as easy as possible. At Siteshelter®, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with Quality, Turn-Key Ground Protection Solutions so you can progress with confidence. Contact our team of Ground Mat specialists so we can start your exciting bog mat project with you today.

Siteshelter® Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats are the World's number one plastic temporary roadway. These lightweight unbreakable plastic panels are easy to layout by hand, and join together with No-Tools joiner clips.


Interested in the Strength on the Siteshelter® Bog Mats? Spare one minute to view the video below for a quick breakage test on the Ground Mats.

The Siteshelter® Ground Protection division is a supplier of an extensive range of ground protection solutions across a wide spectrum of industries, including, construction, civil engineering, mining, drilling, landscaping, golf courses, sports field maintenance, events, holiday home parks, heritage sites and many more!

The Siteshelter® Ground Protection range are available for purchase and are used worldwide for temporary roadways, car parks, paths, marquee flooring, grass reinforcement and permeable paving.

Siteshelter® Heavy Duty Ground Mats offer Benefits you with: 

  • Rated against breakage by vehicles up to 120 Tonnes.
  • Light to carry and quick to lay by hand, only 39kg
  • Bog Mats are available to purchase or hire 
  • No hiab crane needed 
  • Eliminate cost of continually replacing slippery splintered plywood board
  • Multiple joiner clips on each edge provide secure fixing and slot together without tools
  • Super tough 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic
  • Easy to move around using the Handi-Hook

Siteshelter® Bog Mats could save someone from having a serious accident, and prevent delays with your schedule. Use Siteshelter® temporary ground protection solution system to minimise reinstatement costs, prevent vehicles getting bogged down, keep your projects on schedule, and keep your workers SAFE! 




Industries that have used the Siteshelter® Ground Protection Mats are: 

  • Light & Heavy Construction/Mining
  • Government & Local Councils
  • Trade Shows, Outdoor Event Organisers
  • Landscape & Garden Suppliers
  • Utilities, Civils, Geotechnical and Plant Hire



Some applications that Siteshelter® Ground Protection Mats can be used are:

  • Temporary Access Roads and Parking Areas
  • Construction, Earthmoving and Maintenance Sites
  • Outdoor Events, Trade Shows, Open Air Concerts, Movie Sets
  • Marine Protection, Sports Grounds, Golf Courses, Cemeteries
  • Environmental Protection for Drilling, Exploration, Mining and Trenching
  • Aircraft parking, Storage Yards, Railway Contracts
  • Landscaping, Tourist Parks, Alpine Resorts

Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss purchase of a Siteshelter® Ground Protection solution.



*Siteshelter® Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats are rated for vehicles up-to 120 Tonnes. However, it is the user's responsibility to assess the load-bearing capacity of the ground, and to only operate vehicles within the weight that gound is capable of supporting safely. Siteshelter® accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage, loss or injury rising from the ground conditions on which these products are used. SIteshelter® Heavy Duty Ground Mats are not suitable for bridging purposes.



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