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Why do I need Endwalls for my Shelter?

Siteshelter® Igloo Shelters & Hard Top Shelter endwalls add extra value & protection to your storage & shelter area. 

Some reasons Siteshelter® customers choose to purchase an endwall with their shelter is: 

  • Extra Weather Protection = whether it's driving, heavy rain or just extra strong direct sunlight on your equipment underneath, having an endwall adds just that little bit more protection on site underneath your shelter
  • More Usable Storage Space = instead of leaving the shelter fully open & exposed to the elements Siteshelter® endwalls give you extra protection with more usable storage space underneath the shelter. 
  • Extra Security = keeping your equipment, stock & personnel from prying eyes gives you that extra security knowing that whilst your shelter is secure & covered with an endwall your are getting that extra secure protection. 


Siteshelter® provides three types of endwalls to suit the Igloo Shelters  

  1. Partial Endwall (only avaliable to suit Igloo Shelter) encloses only the dome section of your Igloo shelter. Useful to stop driving rain, direct sunlight & enclosing above the shipping container when shipping container is placed at the end of igloo shelter. 
  2. Full Endwall (to suit Igloo Shelter) encloses the full back end of the igloo shelter. Useful  for creating a larger storage area. 
  3. Zip-Up Endwall (to suit Igloo Shelter) enclose the full end of the shelter, has a heavy-duty zip opening door with poly buckle tie-off clasps. Useful for creating a fully enclose storage shelter solution. 

Siteshelter® provides two types of endwalls to suit the Hard Top Shelter

  1. Full Endwall (either to suit inside or outside mount shelter) encloses the full back end of the Container Shed. Useful  for creating a larger storage area. 
  2. Roller Door Opening (to suit Hard Top Shelter) encloses the full end of the shelter, with a roller door opening in the middle. Useful to create a completely protected & secure lock up environment for your container shed. 

Siteshelter® Endwall Options are just one way that we like to add-value to your Igloo Shelter or Container Shed project. You know that you are getting value for money when purchasing from Siteshelter® as

Lee from Ikea  says 'best bang for buck in years!' 


Download our Endwall Brochures below: 

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