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What makes a good Dome Container Shelter Supplier


When you are considering a shipping container igloo shelter provider there are six components you want to be sure of quality, industrial knowledge, construction, customer service, abundant stock, and warranty.

1. Quality - High quality igloo shelters such as those sold and distributed by Siteshelter® are made of products you can trust right here in Australia and New Zealand.

These dome covers are made of UV-stabilised polyethylene, so these covers absorb less of the sun’s radiant heat, offering better protection from the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, these are waterproof and tear-resistant to keep your equipment and personnel dry, and the tear-resistant design means you will have less maintenance or down time.

Every element of these igloo shelters are made in Australia, so you know it is the best possible material and construction available.


2. Industrial knowledge - At Siteshelter® Protecting Your Assets is not just our motto, but also our guarantee to you that our design & manufacture of the materials meet or exceed the joint standard AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 (Australia & New Zealand) design requirements. Our personnel keep up on national standards and ensure compliance with local regulations, so that you can be guaranteed your container shelter is exactly what you require.


3. Manfacturing - Our igloo dome shelters are built to last, whether used as a temporary shelter or as a permanent solution to your storage and personnel protection concerns. Sturdy construction, built to withstand high winds, high heat, and driving rain is our standard of quality. When looking for a good supplier. Ask these questions: 

  • Do they look after their own manufacturing? 
  • Where does the product get manufactured? 
  • What standards are the products manfactured to? 
  • Is there any quality control in the manfacturing processes? 


4. Customer Service - At Siteshelter®, we value our customers and their time. We will provide prompt delivery and a professional installation, or provide you with simple, easy to follow instructions if you want to do the install yourself.

You do not have to take our word for it, listen to what some of our customers have to say about our commitment to customer service on our testimonial page. After all, the mark of good customer service is what your customer has to say about you.


5. Abundant Stock - Whatever you need, from a 6m x 6m to a 17m x 12m, all Siteshelter® igloo shelters are all in stock, all you have to do is place an order and our operations team will organise your order right away. 

We have many locations around Australia and we provide products and services to many parts of the Pacific.


6. Warranty - Our 5 year warranty covers the framework and the cover. Each Dome Shelter supplier has a different warranty. You should find out what each warranty entails, what the coverage is and for how long that protection lasts.

  • Look at your requirements and determine which sort of warranty best suits your requirements.
  • Ask about their current customers.
  • What warranty claims have they had?
  • What caused these claims?
  • Make sure the warranty covers any damage that may occur to either the frame or the cover.
  • Check to ensure the warranty actually covers the container shelter after installation and not just that it arrived without damage.        


Contact us today with any questions you might have about our products, warranty, or service.




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