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Why we love Siteshelter Fabric (and you should too!)

Why We Love Siteshelter® Fabric (And You Should, Too!)

  • It’s made from Polyethylene
  • It’s 260gsm
  • It’s strong – tearing strength of 254 N (newtons)
  • It’s UV Resistant – 99.9% UVR Blockage
  • It’s Bright –  the white/silver fabric allows for visible light transmission
  • It’s cooler - approximately 10-15% cooler than Steel Shed**
  • It’s dirt repellent – keep your structure looking cleaner longer
  • It’s got a 5 year warranty – Siteshelter® guarantees a long service life
  • It doesn’t fade
  • It’s waterproof

**based on customer feedback

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