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Siteshelter® Container Shelters for any Industry

Whether you are a panel beater, steel fabrication company, landscaper or a mining company, with every growing business the need for storage increases.

As the cost of storage becomes greater, many companies are turning to shipping containers for additional storage. Shipping containers provide extra storage quickly and cost effectively.

Combine a shipping container and a Container Shelter with a full endwall from Siteshelter® and you have a very versatile storage solution that will suit most budgets.

Siteshelter® supply a range of shelter from 6mtrs – 14mtrs wide to suit any multiples of 20 or 40 foot shipping containers. Also available are full or partial endwalls to suit any of the container shelter sizes.

Siteshelter® has a team of shelter experts that will help you find a solution to your problem. Call us 1800 743 583 or email at sales@siteshelter.com

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