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Keeping Businesses Cool this Summer - the Siteshelter® Solution

Keeping Business Cool for Summer – The Siteshelter® Solution

Over recent weeks, Australia has experienced record-high temperatures.

Decades-old temperature records have been broken, as temperatures soar across the continent. The rest of summer is set to be warmer than usual, with more hot days expected in most locations across the country.

Siteshelter® can help businesses stay cool this summer - with our shelters offering business some essential benefits:

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We will help you to stay cool this summer with a Siteshelter® solution.

  • Less Radiant Heat = Siteshelter® fabric covers are made of UV-stabilised polyethylene fabric that reflect the sun's rays and absorb less heat than steel clad structures: absorbing less heat means producing less radiant heat.
  • Cooler Working Environment = The curved Siteshelter® structure creates both a sense of spaciousness inside and a cooler covered area.
  • UV Protection = Protection from the sun and harmful UV rays.
  • Dirt Repellent = Siteshelter® Low Density Polyethylene Fabric is dirt repellent, meaning your cover won't stain or colour over time
  • Heat Reflection = Our cover retains a cleaner looking structure, ensuring maximum heat reflection.
  • Availability = currently in stock ensuring no waiting time for your shelter

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