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Introducing..... Siteshelter® 12mtr Wide Container Shelter

Siteshelter® Australia releases a new size to their range....

‘12mtr Wide Siteshelter®’

Siteshelter® offers an extensive range of container and portable shelters, with sizes widths, ranging from 6mtr wide up to 14mtr wide. We have many options to suit all budgets, and with the newly added 12mtr span, we extend our offering even further to you.

The 12mtr Wide Siteshelter® is available with all the options, such as end wall – full or partial, available in 6 or 12mtrs long, to suit any need, anywhere.

Why Siteshelter®? Manufactured Locally! High Stock Levels! Fully Engineered! That’s Siteshelter®!

Call us today on 1800 745 583 or email us at sales@siteshelter.com to request pricing and more information.

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