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Introducing the New Siteshelter® Website Look

Welcome to the new Siteshelter® Website! With a New Look, some New Products but same old good fashioned service & quality.

Siteshelter® core focus is, as always, to ‘protect your assets’ by looking after your ground and weather protection. We were adding some new focus to the Siteshelter Container Shelter range so we thought it was 'high time' to update & upgrade our website. So hence, the new look.


Our range of dome container shelters & hard top container roof  help look after your ground & weather protection.

You assets may include: staff, vehicles, equipment, machinery, stock, feed etc...  whatever your requirements we are sure to having something to fit your needs.

Dome Container Shelters are popular in the mining, oil & gas & construction industries where there is a need for quality, semi-permanent shelter solution is required. Dome Shelters are most commonly mounted on shipping containers because these can be used for storage as well as shelter. Dome Container Shelters are a popular option for consumers who require height under the shelter, and a cooler working environment on site.

Hard Top Shelters – popular with the industrial & rural sections whether height isn’t important but strength & security is more important. The Container Roof Hard Top Shelter are also mounted on shipping containers to give you extra storage, especially where space is limited on site.

All Siteshelter® solutions: container dome shelter, & hard top container roof are available for either hire or purchase.

Contact us today at Siteshelter® to find out what shelter solution that suits you.