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Introducing the Allshelter Group: 4 Exceptional Brands Meet Diverse Sheltering Needs

After listening to customers, Siteshelter decided they would enjoin four divers brands under a single large shelter, (ahem, if you’ll pardon the pun). The Allshelter Group can now meet a wider variety of needs with anything from giant-sized premium aeroplane hangars to budget-priced car shelters to expertly designed grain storage bins that solo truckies can operate with ease.  The Allshelter Group includes these affiliated brands – Allshelter, Siteshelter, Torto and Agribin.   Let’s explore them in greater detail…


Since 1999, Allshelter has designed and manufactured fabric shelters of exceptional quality for use by mining and civil construction sectors worldwide. The Australian military uses Allshelter’s large area maintenance shelters (LAMS) to protect aircraft and other large military vehicles.  Allshelter fabric shelters can be easily transported and deployed wherever and whenever the need arises. From the marine industry to warehousing, companies appreciate the flexibility Allshelter provides them to cover and maintain the widest imaginable range of assets.

Siteshelter is the Allshelter Group’s mid-range sensibly priced storage solution. Industrial and construction companies count on the Australian-made dome fabric shelters & steel container roofs for safeguarding and maintaining a large variety of goods and equipment.

Torto imports a wide range of temporary shelter solutions to suit any budget. Whether you need a portable garage for your car or caravan, a tall shelter to protect boats or trucks, or a large temporary warehouse to store bulky goods, Torto has you covered at a price you can afford.

Agribin manufactures its agricultural field storage bins in central NSW, the heart of the Australian grain industry. Truckies and farmers say Agribin’s dual wheels and generous ground clearance help them move easily from paddock to paddock and load and unload grain in a jiffy.

Consistent Quality
With many years honing their products according to customer feedback, the Allshelter group prides itself in delivering consistently high quality shelter systems to industries around the world.  Joining these four brands will enable them to continue to innovate and produce products that honour their customers’ high expectations, while meeting a wide array of distinct storage needs. And that’s no small feat!


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