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7 Things about Dome Containers you should know

7 Things about Dome Container Shelters you should know before you purchase:

  1. Pricing: approximately $3,000-$15,000 - for an engineered dome container shelter. This will depend on a number of factors: span width, location, shelter length etc.
  2. Quality: You will need a fully engineered shelter (Siteshelter®) if you want your container shelter to endure the elements and facilitate with any council approvals.
  3. Container Shelter Mounting: There are plenty of options available make sure you are aware of what’s included in your pricing. Siteshelter® supplies a weld-on rail.
  4. Ballast or Piers: you will need to tie your containers dome shelter down somehow. Make sure you know what’s required before you purchase (if supplier says you don’t need it – then it’s probably not engineered)
  5. Install: the bulk of Siteshelter® Container Shelters are customer installed on site. We provide a comprehensive install booklet with images and a video to give you reassurance. But, if you want your shelter installed by Siteshelter® contractors – call us on 1800 743 583 to get a price.
  6. Fabric Weight: doesn’t necessarily mean quality. For example: PVC has a weight of 610gsm and a Polyethylene fabric only has a weight of 260gsm. Whereas PVC only has a life span for maximum 3 years and a Polyethylene has a minimum of 5 -10 years. Siteshelter® container shelters have a polyethylene fabric. Read more about Siteshelter® fabric here.
  7. Stock: When will you need your shelter? Many container shelter suppliers have an average lead time of at least 6 weeks for manufacture. Siteshelter® are the only supplier who has fully engineered shelters all IN STOCK.



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