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4 Different Ways to Tie-Down your Dome Shelter


Securing your dome shelter is just as important as having your shelter cover tensioned correctly. There are several factors which you'll need to consider before you decide on how you will tie your dome shelter down:

  • Size of the shelter? The larger the dome shelter span, the more foundations you’ll require.
  • What ground your dome shelter is installed on? Dirt, Asphalt or Concrete – you would need to consider the most cost-effective options for you. For example you couldn’t bolt-down your shipping containers to dirt, but concrete blocks could be more cost-effective that piers for you.  
  • How permanent you intend the shelter to be? Do you need your dome shelter on site for just three, six or nine months? Or is it going to be more of a permanent asset?


I’ve listed out four common ways that we’ve seen some of our customers tie-down their dome shelter.


1.  Ballast

This means storing enough weight (ballast) inside the shipping container to secure the dome shelter. Customer will most frequently choose this method because they intend to store heavy equipment inside the shipping containers.  One thing to consider is, how long & when will your equipment be outside the shipping containers, leaving your dome shelter unsecured?



2.  Concrete Weight Blocks

Choosing to tie your dome shelter down with concrete weight blocks is a quick, cheap & easy way to tie-down your shelter. Usually the concrete blocks can be picked either cheap on eBay or new at a relatively cheap price. All it takes is placement of the blocks in close proximity to the shelter, and a secure tie between the blocks & the shelter.


3.  Concrete Piers

Fixing piers to mount your dome shelter is one of the most permanent ways to tie-down your structure.  The engineering documents supplied with your shelter structure, will give you details of what size piers your shelter would require as a suitable foundation.











4.  Bolt-Down Shipping Containers

This is particularly cost-effective if you are installing your dome shelter onto concrete. It simple involves inserting a threaded bolt into the concrete, and securing the shipping containers via a steel plate.


So, depending on the size of your dome shelter, you must ALWAYS tie it down in some form. The engineering documents supplied with your shelter will give you a guide as to how much foundation you require. Call one of our knowledgeable sales team on 1800 90 8888 to find out what foundation tie-down is best for your dome shelter.