Container Shelters

Siteshelter® Container Shelters are fabric dome structures that offer protection for your assets and coverage year round.

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Ground Protection

Siteshelter® Ground Mats are lightweight panel systems, that clip together to form temporary roadways.

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Hard Top Shelters

Hard Top™ Shelters are fabricated steel shelters designed to protect your personnel, equipment and shipping containers.

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Siteshelter® Hire Solutions

View the full Siteshelter® range of ground & weather protection products available for immediate hire.

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Based in Australia, we are proud to be locally owned and managed.

For our customers, Siteshelter® versatile Dome Container Shelters offer a number of essential benefits:
Assured Quality
Our Dome Container Shelter's are manufactured locally in Australia.
Superior in the Heat
Reduced radiant heat, sun protection, dirt repellent covers
Proven Performance in the Wet and Wind
Fully engineered to AUS safety standards and health & safety compliant
Absolute Safety & Industry Compliance
Fully engineered to AUS safety standards and health & safety compliant
Fast Delivery
No waiting time, good stock availability.

As well, we offer customers the option of Hire with all the benefits of flexibility.

Siteshelter® Installation Video

Watch our Team of Siteshelter® Container Shelter Installation specialists show you how its done.

Siteshelter® Container Shelters are very easy to install and we take pride in our Installation Specialist's ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently without any comprise to safety and quality.

Let them take you through the steps as you watch our Siteshelter® Installation Video.

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"We put all three shelters up in one day. The quality of the shelters is exactly what you said they’d be. I'd definitely recommend Siteshelter® to anyone. Good quality & at a good price."
Mark Davidson, Transcity JV
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Cost-effective, Turn-Key Solution?
Siteshelter® will work with you to provide a customized, quality Turn-Key Solution so you can progress with confidence.
Withstanding the Elements?
All Siteshelter® Shelters are manufactured locally in Australia from the highest standard of materials, making them built to last.
Simple Assembly and Attachment?
Each of our Container Shelters come with their own Comprehensive Instruction Booklet for very easy install.
More than just a Guarantee?
Our Dome Container Shelters come with a 5 Year Warranty - on Frame and Cover.
Professional Installation?
Our Siteshelter® Installation Specialists are ready to do the heavy lifting for you.
Siteshelter® Dome Container Shelters and Ground Protection Mats help businesses protect and cover vital assets in all weather conditions and locations.
...and we do it cost-effectively and to the highest quality standards.
We look after your
ground & weather protection